Road to Rocklahoma

Date: 16 August, 2008  |  Posted By: Mark  |  Category: Rocklahoma 2008, Videos

Since people asked for band member experiences at Rocklahoma – I’ll tell.

One of the biggest problems we had with doing these multi-band festival shows, is that we are very used to our stereo in-ear monitor system we built for ourselves to use with Funny Money and we didn’t want to go back to the old “way of the wedge” for any reason. Not to mention the fact that any large venue multi-band show anywhere is usually a cluster fuck during changeovers. Steve, Jimmy and I all have Ultimate Ears in-ear speakers. Steve and I have the Shure PSM-400, Jimmy plugs straight into the mixing board back by his drums with a stereo cable. Rob plays commando with no ear plugs or in-ears, he tried them but didn’t like them. He’s a brave man. We have fine tuned our mixes over the last few years and it works great for all of us. (Ronnie has Ultimate Ears and a Shure unit but he doesn’t use in-ears with KIX)

So when this came up, and Funny Money was off that weekend anyhow, we decided to do it if Jimmy and I could figure out a way to get our in-ear rig down to Oklahoma without spending a thousand or more dollars on air cargo. We decided to drive. We figured eighteen hours, good company, a couple of iPods and Jimmy’s van, we’d have a great time. We’ve all made the drive to Florida numerous times and this was just a little farther so what’s the big deal? When we did get to the venue, we saw a bunch of Rockit Cargo pallets backstage that were from Queensryche. That must have cost them an arm and a leg and we were glad we didn’t further line the pockets of Rockit Cargo with our hard earned cash…

I had asked Scott Spelbring to go with us to run FOH since our regular sound man Joe Corcoran couldn’t make it that weekend. Scott offered to ride with Jimmy and I and we’re glad he did, we had a blast on the drive and Scott just added to the fun. With my new hard disk video camera in tow, off we went. I had an old digital tape camera and decided to update my gear for the trip. This one even has the Super NightShot Infrared system for that fuzzy green-and-white-tinged-hotel-heiress-sex-tape effect.

Here’s some video I took on the way down edited down for, um, you know . . . dramatic effect. :-)

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